Saturday, February 28, 2009

What a GREAT Day!!!

We had such a great day!!! We went to West Memphis, AR this morning for Caylee's 1st dance competition. This was the first one for her entire group. They did WONDERFUL!! They placed 1st gold in their division and #9 overall in their category. Cathy's other dancers did EXTREMELY well throughout the entire competition. It was great seeing this girls from all over do something that they enjoy so much. However, I was a little overwhelmed at how serious this is to some parents (none in our group). There were several HUGE rolling make-up / accessory cases in back. I was SHOCKED!!!! It was definitely a learning experience for me. It was FUN though. I now know what to expect.

Then as we were leaving it started SNOWING!!!!! We stopped by Casa Mexicana for a late lunch. It was YUMMY!! When we got home, Jamie took the kids outside to let them play in the snow. They did not stay out too long b/c it was getting dark. Now we are going to enjoy some hot chocolate and a movie. Here are some pics of the snow. Ignore Caylee's eye make-up. It was from competition.

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