Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dauphin Island & Holiday World

We just got back home from a great trip to Dauphin Island with my entire family! Our crew tries to go to the beach together annually. This year we decided to try out Dauphin Island. It was GREAT!!! There is not a lot of hustle and bustle there. It is a great place for relaxation!!!! We enjoyed spending time on the beach, visiting the fort and aquarium, eating at The Pelican Reef (Jamie's favorite), khayking in the ocean, and watching the countless doliphins come by.

When we left Dauphin Island, we decided to drive staight to Murfreesboro instead of coming home. We spent one n ight there where we vistited with Jamie's family. We left the next morning and headed to Santa Clause, IN. It was GREAT!!! We spent 2 days at Holiday WOrld and Splashin Safari. We met some good friends of ours there. We all had a BLAST!!!!

Now we are finally back home!!!! It is nice to be home and sleeping in MY bed!!!!

** Sorry we have no pics from holiday world. We got sand in the camera at the beach and it will not work!