Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a BUSY day yesterday. First, we headed out to Camille and Coy's for Ava's 1st birthday party. We had a great time celebrating with my spoiled and adored little niece!!!! I can say she is spoiled because I am one of many that does the spoling. (Jamie is worse than me though!!!) Then we headed home to get Caylee and Will ready for trick or treating. Our subdivision is always BOOMING on Halloween. So, mom and dad come out and help us give out candy. Dad dresses up and mom gives out candy as Jamie and I take the kids around. Mom and Dad bring out their Halloween decorations (graveyard and scary figures). Camille, Coy, and Ava joined us this year after they made their rounds. I look forward to next year when Ava can make the trip around the subdivision with us!!!!

Caylee was Vombie Dorothy.... she wanted her face painted!!!!

Will kept saying he was going to be a killer clown. When mom went to paint his face, he decided he wanted to be a nice clown. He had scared himself!!!!!