Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Close Knit Family

I feel blessed that I have a close knit family. My mom keeps Will every day at my house. She gets here early every morning (if she does not spend the night) and helps get Caylee ready for school. She keeps Camille's baby, Ava Cate 2 days a week at my house as well. Caylee loves coming home on these days to see Ava. We kids around with each other over who is going to get to hold Ava Cate first. Of sourse, normally I do let Caylee get her first. I snapped a few pictures today of the two of them. I think Ava loves Caylee about as much as Caylee loves her. I am sure she will be extra spoiled by Caylee. I am very thankful that I do have this family that would do anything for each other.

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